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Cookie Ordering Guidelines

Baking and decorating cookies is an art that takes many hours from start to finish. Mixing, rolling out dough, cutting out each cookie, baking and decorating each individual cookie is a very labor intensive process. I put in a lot of hours, usually over several days for just one dozen of my custom made cookies. With this being said, I enjoy cookie making and decorating. It is a joy to see a happy customer!


Ordering information

Cookie Sizes and Prices

  • Prices depend on size and detail of each cookie. Cookies range from $48-$75/dozen. Sets that include logos, character cookies, detailed flowers, or metallic luster dust are in the higher price range.


    Please note that the above is a general guideline, Prices depend on both size AND detail of the design. Most of my regular sized cookies are $4.75-$6.00/each. 

  • *Prices are subject to change at any time. 

  • Cookies are individually wrapped in cellophane bags. Individually wrapped cookies with bows are subject to an additional cost of $7/per dozen


Cookie Minimums

A minimum custom cookie order is 18 cookies with the option of 4 different designs and 4 colors. More than 4 different designs and additional colors are subject to an additional charge.



Your cookie order is NOT confirmed until all details are worked out, quantity is confirmed and a $25 deposit or full payment is received. 

Canceling within one week of due date is subject to a cancellation fee or total cost of order, if cookies are already baked and decorated. 

Last minute orders (within 10 days of due date are subject to a rush order charge of an additional $30) and are never guaranteed as I will already have other orders pre-booked. If I am booked and I decide to squeeze your order in, your order is subjected to a 20% fee.  I will not accept ANY orders needed within 3 days.

Invoices are available upon request.

Payment may be made via Venmo, PayPal or cash.

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